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Temporary Medium Voltage Grounding. Standard equipment

MRA$ Fasten Automatic spring actuated MV phase clamp 3 CT365 FASTEN® PHASE CLAMP FOR MT-AT SWITCHGEAR Screw fitting – Body Mat Al / Clamp Mat Br – Mat Ac – MAX Opening Ø30mm - MAX compression terminal branch connection 150mm² MAX current Icc 30kA/sec - Trapezoidal thread adjustment screw, std bayonet terminal. (eyelet, cardan, T, TO BE DEFINED BY CUSTOMER)
Short-circuit jumper - PVC extra-flexible Cu cable 3 CTC-50 SHORT-CIRCUIT BRIDGE Extra-flexible Cu cable with crystal PVC sheath Section 50mm² - Length 1.2mt
1 CTC-50 GROUND CONNECTION CABLE Cu extra-flexible with crystal PVC sheath Section 50mm² - Length 3.4mt
1 RG4754-1 RITZ® 4-way TAP-TRIFURCATOR - Body Mat Al Grommet-type tapped connections MIN 25mm² - MAX 95mm² Mat Br
1 CT364 FASTEN® AT grounding clamp – Manual screw adjustment – ​​Body and clamp Mat Br – Trapezoidal thread adjustment screw T-terminal Mat Ac Installation MAX 50mm – Derivative connection compression terminal MAX 185mm² MAX current Icc 40kA/sec
AHB FASTEN® Hex Head to Mat Al Bayonet ADAPTER
GCN300 FASTEN® MANEUVERING HOOK for threaded hexagonal coupling pole Hook Mat Br / Coupling for hexagonal bolt - Mat Al
VMR07205-1 TEREX-RITZ® MANEUVER HEAD for eyelet terminal - universal head - Automatic presetting and mechanical coupling to head – Mat Al

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