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For conventional and OPGW shield cable, as well as phase conductor. In case of mounting on OPGW type cables, the use of protection rods is required. SAPREM's patented design with a "Golf Ball" type surface means that its aerodynamic coefficient is less, up to 20%, than bollards with a smooth surface.

The manufacturing material is colored ABS. The beacons are manufactured with a diameter of 600 mm., and are available in Orange and White colors, ½ and ½ of each color can be combined.

The fixing on the cable is done through an elastomer, EPDM, suitable for the diameter of the cable or cable plus rods in the case of the OPGW, with two screws per side. In addition, the semi-beacons are joined together by means of two or six additional fixings. The screws are stainless steel M-10.

Each semi-sphere has perforations to evacuate condensation water.

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